Hands On: Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S



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I don't know why you claim that 4G LTE is "useless" unless you have just plain not used it. Maybe it does run the battery down 15%-25% faster, but that is why the Galaxy Nexus (and most Android phones to date) have replaceable batteries. Despite this I'm still getting through the day without charging the phones thanks to the 1850 mAh battery. Having 10-15 times faster (sometimes even higher) is well worth the trade off. Per your analogy it is like saying that fast cars are "useless" because they require more fuel. You say that 4G is "useless" as if it is a fact, but it is merely your opinion (and one that sounds like you have never even used the Galaxy Nexus or any 4G LTE phone in that matter). Not only this, but I have both the 4S (so does my wife) and the Galaxy Nexus and thanks to iCloud and Apple not knowing how to keep something synced correctly yet (this is the speculation of what is going on) I'm getting almost the same battery life out of both phones and I'm not even getting the trade off of faster speeds. I don't know if you read the article or not, but the author did a great job of showing the pros and cons of both phones and I really don't see why you call out the pros of the Nexus as if they are cons especially the ones that are merely your opinion. I've never understood brand loyalty or fanboism for a certain product/brand. There is great innovation going on in Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone 7 and writing another off just because you prefer another is only cheating yourself. I also own an HTC Trophy which I love and have been using for the past couple months while awaiting the Galaxy Nexus, but I keep my iPhone 4S as I think that it has the better apps. They all have someything to offer and I really enjoy using all of them. I may prefer the openness of Android, the applications on iOS, and the look and overall responsiveness of WP7, but the point is I don't limit myself to one phone and choose to protect it as if it was my own child. The Galaxy Nexus is in my opinion the best phone out right now, but that will change and this is what makes the innovation of the mobile world all the more exciting. If you haven't used the Galaxy Nexus then you really ought to do yourself a favor and try it out. You may like it and see what many are saying, but if you don't then that is only your opinion.



Wi-Fi Test (Winner: iPhone 4S)

And I have a screen cap to prove it but this blog sucks and you can't post links. (ask me for link to screen if you want proof):

Ping: 65 ms
Download: 20.84 mbps
Upload: 9.20 mbps
Server: Boston, MA

The iPhone has a wireless N receiver in it, and by not using a wireless N router that means that you are not taking advantage of it's full speed capabilities.

Also, how fast is your internet connection? (what speed tier are you paying for?)

What brand router are you using?

How far were the phones from the router?

Were your numbers an average of three tests or the highest recorded speed you could muster?

Everything about this test is ambiguous and it would be great if you provided more useful information...



The major claim to fame for the Galaxy, its 4G capability, is useless in practice due to its heavy battery drain. That's exactly why Apple is waiting until new low-powered 4G chips are available. So throw the Wireless advantage for the Galaxy right out the door.

I would reverse your finding of an Apple advantage for hardware for your finding that the OS's are equivalent, but that doesn't move the meter.

Your finding of greater Storage and Expandability in the Galaxy is a little off the wall. The customizable text input belongs in either the OS or App categories. Meanwhile, the iPhone comes in 16, 32 and 64GB. I'd say the Galaxy would be doing great to get a tie in this category.

Finally, the finding that Siri and FaceTime are ho-hum, but FaceUnlock and NFC are "very cool" is odd, to say the least. I'm seeing Siri and FaceTime frequently used and totally lacking competition. While NFC is merely potential at this point, it's certainly cool future tech. I'd say the Galaxy would be doing great to get a tie in this category as well.

Overall, though, nice article about two top competitors.



To be honest, I'm glad that I'm on AT&T and won't have to concern myself with LTE/4G. Yes, I will be purchasing the unlocked GSM version unsubsidized, but it doesn't really bother me much. Battery life has been one of the only consistent knocks against the device (I suppose the "only" 5MP camera would be the other), and 4G is one of the primary culprits.

I really don't see 4G as a "major claim to fame" for the Galaxy Nexus at all, as there have been many prior devices to boast 4G connectivity, and the GN has a number of more novel features on display (to include being the ONLY device built to run Android 4.0, its monstrous and pixel dense screen, zero-lag shutter, etc.). For me, it's all about Ice Cream Sandwich. To this point, I have never seen an Android device that made me sit up and take notice (being a graphic designer, I was drawn to WP7 and iOS for their "shininess" — I currently use a Samsung Focus), and it has always come down that terrible, horrible, no good very bad UI.

Thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich, I'm ready to drop $600 and take it for a spin. My wife has an iPhone 4S, and to be honest, I think the best analysis of the situation was offered by another Mac-centric site (todaysiphone.com). The writer said that iOS is glossy, slick, and seamless, but it has been that for a long, long time. If there's any major knock against iOS, it's that it has become boring. We have all been there, and we have all done that. A glossy grid of icons. Got it. Metallic textured surfaces, on-off sliders at every turn. And that's where ICS steps in for me. With WP7 still getting its sea legs, it offers a fresh, colorful, compelling alternative to the same-old same-old. If you want a glossy grid of icons, go for it. If not, forget it. Your home page can be just a search bar if you're anal retentive enough! That has always been a draw of Android, I know. But now it looks the part.



Not sure why the Galaxy Nexus has only a 5mp camera, whilst the Galaxy Note, and S2 have 8mp cameras. A silly misstep by Samsung in my opinion. The Nexus could have really competed with the iPhone 4S, in much the same way as the Galaxy S2 already does. Perhaps Samsung did not want to compete against its own models. Oh well, I'm very happy with my Galaxy Note, regardless of its size. I get way more use out of it as tablet compared to my iPad, oh and it also makes phone calls!



Having used both handset extensively, i can also add that the rear speaker and earpiece speaker a little on the low side. In a car i have a hard time hearing my caller on the Nexus Galaxy. I also think the article is dead on with the camera. It is really bad, a real step back. If it weren't for the camera i would use the GN almost as much as my 4S.

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