Hands-On with Amazon's Kindle Fire



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Given the actual end-cost of the iPad to anyone I know who has one, the $199 price is much less than half price for about 80% of the functionality. That's darned good return on investment.

If you already have a Kindle and/or do your shopping with Amazon (at least part of your shopping), then jump that % even higher.

If being off-grid for more than 10 movies worth of viewing (what it holds approximately) then maybe I'm watching too much video and should read more. ;)



I received my Kindle Fire on the 18th and sent it back the following day. Although I like the feel of it and felt positive about the apps and the viewing and reading experience, the deal breaker was the insufficient memory which significantly limits its usefulness for me. The 5+ GB available for loading music and videos into the Fire is woefully small. If I wish to watch videos offline (for instance on a transatlantic flight), there's not enough room for books, videos and music to keep me happy for 7 hours in the absence of a wifi connection. An SD card for increased storage would have been a better idea but for now, I'll stick with my iPad. I've looked at the Nook but the extra $50 plus the cost of a memory card takes it too far from the "impulse buy". I'll wait for the next version (or a 7" iPad).

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