Happy 10th Birthday, iPod!



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Thanks to iPod I am a Mac user.


The Loquacious ...

Happy Birthday!!


Mr. Happypants

Sorry to be the grammar nazi here but "ravish his body"? Try "ravage", it won't sound like he's part of a paperback novel with Fabio on the cover. :P

I still have my 2nd Gen iPod even though it doesn't even power up any more, I just can't bear to throw it away. :(


Michael Simon

Jeez. Good catch. Not sure that's a grammar mistake as much as a stupid one. Thanks for reading so closely.


Mr. Happypants

No problem, thanks for taking us back to a time when these kinds of announcements & product releases truly were magical, not just something we've come to expect. And then people have to complain because some minor feature was overlooked or it's not "amazing" enough. Still makes me sad to think we won't ever have another SteveNote.




Happy 10th Birthday, iPod!, but there is not a special edition iPod for the birthday :(

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