Has Apple Abandoned Mac Pro Users?



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I've never really bought into the declining sales part of the argument to not make Mac Pros. They're like any other type of hardware, people buy when there's an upgrade worth buying. Apple hasn't given anyone a reason to buy one really even before 2010. I'm still using a Mac Pro bought at the end of 2008, and it's only now that it can't be upgraded to Mountain Lion that I'm considering needing an upgrade.

The graphics card issue is a top priority for Apple to fix on the Mac Pro line. Even their own applications are starting to rely more on the graphics cards, and I'm really hoping that with the new line of Mac Pros they address this.



I've recently been trying to price out a new machine for mainly video post-production and After Effects work, and it's sickening the lack of options available on the Apple front. Briefly explored the hackintosh route, but I need more reliability than that.

The flashed Nvidia CUDA graphics cards are an option that many don't explore. But it's not exactly "plug and play". There's a lot of options available in this route, but depending on need/configuration, the card requirements change. This isn't an option for the non-technical crowd.

Where's the real support from Apple? If we knew WHEN new machines would be announced/released, then a lot of this would be easier. I'll need a workstation in the next month or two... even weighed purchasing a new MacBook Pro against a 2-3 generation old MacPro.



As a fan of the platform, I've been disappointed for a long time with the last couple of iterations. Originally, it was Job's insistence on not installing Blu-ray, back when they were still keeping the machine up-to-date. Now, I wonder if we're looking at an EOL product, as you guys have mentioned in the article. I'm hoping Apple finally gets their stuff together and brings an all-new Mac Pro soon - I don't want to be looking at new machines this fall and be limited to Windows Desktops because the Mac line doesn't have what I want/need.



i stopped reading when you said blue ray was needed!

any the tower will probably be around for 3-4 more years, unless the laptops make a jump in speed (like the from before the MBP with retina display to the retina display model. at that point why keep the tower?


Rick Hornsby

"...unless the laptops make a jump in speed (like the from before the MBP with retina display to the retina display model. at that point why keep the tower?"

I dunno, memory? graphics cards? not melting your cpu trying to render an animation in AE? expandable storage?

There is far more to a system than just the advertised CPU speed.

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