How the Apple TV and Boxee Box Still Fall Short



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I got 3 remotes currently in my living room entertainment system. 1 for my LCD, 1 for my set top cable television and 1 for my home theatre. An apple tv would mean yet another remote. this is whats preventing me from getting one. whats needed is a globally platform for a new way of content distribution which can be commonly adapted by all manufacturers.



I have been experimenting with cutting cable for the last three weeks. TiVo Premier answers many of your and my concerns above:

Netflix [plays queue and search is integrated with TV, Amazon, etc in front end), Hulu Plus [coming within the next month although everything available on the computer for Hulu Plus IS NOT available through TV interfaces, LAME], TiVo [TiVo], Music [ok interface and can play music of the network], Connectivity [Ethernet included, wireless available], Internal Storage [XL available and can add external HD], USB Ports [There but I don't know what they accept], Outputs [Everything you wanted], Bluetooth [Included and once I bit the bullet and bought the keyboard remote, the form factor is well worth it], Form Factor [size of a Blu-ray Player], Lights [options include], Remote [see Bluetooth remark and it is lit].

You can also send shows to your portable devices. I too really wish it had a real web browser but then look at how Google TV has been blocked because of it. Also, if it had a good blu-ray player built in even as an option I would like that too. Windows Media Center also does all this but the upfront cost seemed more and my young kids could mess it up too easy. You can also use the TiVo with the cable company in case I go back to cable. They have a free Premier box with a 2yr $20/month contract. It isn't much more than Comcasts $14 HD/DVR rental price. Sorry about the long post.

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