How to Ditch Your Laptop for an iPad



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I think iPad for some one is enough instead of computer but for some one no . It related to its need



I think iPad for some one is enough instead of computer but for some one no . It related to its need



There are numerous articles on how to use an iPad for business or how to ditch your laptop which involve buying all sorts of dongles and extra software but at the end of the day it's just much easier to use a laptop. I bought into the whole iPad 1 thing but won't be bothering in future because it's just not worth the effort,it's too heavy and too reflective to use as an e-Reader (use a Kindle instead) and not practical for day to day use without a whole lot of gadgets that weigh down both your bag and your cheque book. I can also run PC Apps on my MBA which greatly increases its utility. Unless there is some magic in future versions that gets round these issues I'd advise anyone to shell out a few extra bucks for the Macbook Air.



There is a reality to this, plus we will still have our iMacs. It seems to me that many who invest in the apple company and there products and services miss the fact about who and what apple is.

There are the former or older ways in technology and the new more linear way. Steve Jobs Apple has changed the way we communicate with new tools better suited not only in the industry but in everyday computing.

Are we really giving up speed, storage and screen size, we are rethinking what is really needed verses the former way with having more or too much, simple.

Apple is not forcing us to change, just reavaluate what we have with better choices.




Get back to me when Pages for iPad can create footnotes, when it can grab bibliographic references from Papers and so on. An iPad is OK for very lightweight word processing, but in the end you still need a real computer to finish your work.



I iPad instead of a computer? Really? Why all of a sudden are we willing to give up speed,storage and screen size for a iPad? You cannot be serious. Besides you still need a computer to sync the darn iPad anyway?



iOS 5 offers the ability to never have to sync with a computer. Just charge it up, and go.

I don't see how you can say the iPad screen isn't sufficient. For word processing, it is more than enough. On your 13/15 inch screen, 1/2 inch is taken up by the toolbar, 1/2 inch for the dock, you have toolbars and inspectors. When you look at by 'screen real estate', you can see they are much more comparable.

Of course, an iPad can't replace high quality image editing, and other fine things - but I think the meaning of this post is pointing out how you can use it for more than you give it credit for

my two cents

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