How To Get Started With iPhoto '11 With These Essential Tips and Tricks



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very nice summary. makes it easier to jump in. but a couple questions:
1) i've seen books with "spreads" or "double-trucks"--an image that spans two pages. how dey do dat? the illustration in your article on page formats doesn't show one like that in the formatting sidebar.
2) i also don't see a page format like the ones shown in the accompanying book mockups with facing horizontal images that are full-page wide but have white space above and below. Do the book layouts automatically include some page designs that cannot be selected manually and imposed?
3) a comment: to send a non-full-res image in a non-themed email, just drag the photo to the mail app in the dock: that'll open mail, create a new email, and place the photo in it. You can then choose the size for the image.
4) And this final question:when sending themed emails with images, there's a checkbox bottom right for whether or not to attach the image, with only two size choices, both of which create very data-intense attachments (4-5 MB compared to, say, 150kb for a plain-jane email with the same photo). That checkbox seems to click on and off arbitrarily. Has anyone found a way (I can't find it in prefs) to set it to a default of off, or unchecked?

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