How To Photograph Fireworks with Any Camera



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As I may agree that DSLR do have a advantage over the simpler point n shoot cameras out there to take pictures of fireworks. But I don't think its the advantage of a "Tripod socket"????. I literally can not think of when I have "NOT" seen a point n shoot camera or any camera of any type not have a tripod socket on them in this day and age... THat was a pretty silly comment made.

Also woodworks made a great point that the main thing is to be able to do "Long exposures" on iphone via a app.



Happy 4th of July!
Here are some tips to taking pics of fireworks.



One thing worth mentioning about photographing fireworks with an iPhone is the apps available for long exposures such as SlowShutter. It allows longer exposures and the ability to adjust the images after clicking the shutter. I intend to try this out on Monday. Of course, a tripod will also be required.

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