How To Pick the Best Mac-friendly Mail Client



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Why was Postbox not included? In my opinion it is leagues better than Mail.



You should have tested for speed of downloading messages and search speed. PowerMail is ultra fast!! Have used PM since I left Emailer and went to OS X years ago.



As a power user and professional computer consultant I think that skipping any Email client and using webmail is the way to go. I have found that Apple Mail, Outlook, Entourage & Thunderbird have been painfully annoying to the point where I don't use them at all anymore. Being a computer consultant, I have to deal with other peoples Email problems all day. Gmail's web based Email is safe, has a fabulous SPAM filter and as long as my iPhone is set up as IMAP, I never lose ANYTHING. That seems like it should be normal right? It's not. Transferring Email messages from one computer to another - in Mac or Windows - I know - Eweee - What can I say? Microsoft helps pays the bills - Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, Entourage whatever, they all SUCK. IMAP in Gmail rules, but moving from POP to IMAP is pretty tricky. AOL is horrible and Hotmail, Yahoo! and MSN are close runners up for awful. "But I've had my AOL address for over 15 years!" No problem you can pull your AOL into Gmail.



Hey, guys and gals, the subject is one I am really curious about, but the choices made were not those which I would have thought were the most popular.

I'm using Mail since dropping Microsoft Office some time ago. I have briefly tried gmail and yahoo. Have never felt AOL works well with Mac.

Not familiar with the others mentioned. Maybe I missed them in MacLife although I read almost every word that isn't about the iPhone and even some of that if it looks like it would apply to my iPad.

Have you ever considered adding techs like like Gordon Ung or others at MaxPC? When we have a hardware problem it is very difficult to get help .. AppleCare tries but even at upper levels they are not "hackers."

e.g. I'm having a real problem with a second monitor creating an erratic Mighty Mouse and unless set each time it is started to it's native resolution by mirroring it flashes. The Mac OS doesn't provide a method to set custom resolutions or frequencies. I have SwitchRes X but ...

Abandoned the "PC" five years ago after 22 years of DOS and Windows; but, still take MaxPC for it's tech value and accessories which are not covered in Mac mags. after 22

ed in Pensacola





Mr. Happypants

I just LOVE the irony of talking about spam control in email and then well - you know. Highlarious!!

And, what the hell - I use Thunderbird at work and love it. For personal email, it's all web-based.



I wish that Mac|Life would either find a way to prevent spam mail from showing up in their comment section or have a way to remove it after it appears. It's annoying. OR, if Mac|Life is the source of the spam comments, then I say, "Knock it off! I get enough junk already!"



You should have reviewed another one, which I definitely think is superior to Mail in nearly every respect: Postbox, which recently came out with version 2.

I switched about 6 months ago and can't think of any good reason to go back to Mail. There are discount codes on facebook & Twitter so you can save $10 off the cost, too.

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