How To Prepare Your Mac for OS X Lion



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Any recommendations on how to concisely print the output when listing all applications? For better or worse, this is probably a good excuse for late spring cleaning and deleting some old applications, a task that could be easier without flipping between windows.



If people are good to go on installing since 2006 and up, that is five years back that you can upgrade to the new MAC OSX and people are complaining? You dont have to switch to the new MAC OSX. Your MAC will still run, so I dont understand the problem. They developed it based off newer hardware capabilites, if not, then we would have a sub-par OSX that is compatible with older stuff and wont take advantage of some great hardware. Its called progression.

Coming from a IT world, computers typically last 3 years before being outdated, we replace all computers at 3 years within our company. Usually at least one thing burns out on that computer. (ALL PC).

From a personal perspective, I used to build a new PC for home use every 2-3 years, since switching to MAC its been the best piece of computing equipment I have ever had, and if I get 5 years out of it, I will be happy.



You forgot a few steps:

1. Back up your personal data. That's not just in ~/Documents. You should have a backup of ~/Library since lots of programs store templates, clipart etc in there that you won't get back without a backup. Oh, nevermind, just back up EVERYTHING. Absolutely vital lose-your-house stuff goes to Dropbox, sentimental-value stuff to a set of DVD-Rs, and that plus everything else to Time Machine.

2. Back up all software registration codes, passwords and key files. Work your way through the Applications folder so that you are absolutely sure you have the registration code for that app you bought back in 2007 with a bundle of other stuff. Write down your current network settings.

3 Now back up the backups.

4. If you have one of those applications that ties itself to a specific machine (I'm looking at you, Mekentosj Papers!), deregister the machine. Deregister your machine in iTunes as well.

5. For all non-Mac App Store applications, use the opportunity to visit the app's website and download the most recent installation .dmg or .zip files. Consider upgrading if the app has moved from 1.xx to 2.xx. This is also a good time to decide if you REALLY need the seven different .zip utilities, five text editors and nine iTunes menubar controllers you have installed over the years ...

You are now ready to do a clean install ...



Being a Core Duo Macbook owner, I feel this is really a kick in the pants. I realize that all things especially computers have a limited lifetime. But I feel Apple has left many of us who rushed out to get our "New" Macbooks out in the cold. This purchase was my first to Apple, I then later purchased an Iphone 3G and now have an Iphone 4. And for an extensive music collection a 80gb Ipod. My Macbook is in great shape with no known issues. Sure I probably look at the spinning beach ball more often then some, but I have rarely been limited in what I want to do. My income is not such that I can just rush out and purchase the latest and greatest. But when I do purchase, I buy new or refurbished new. It burns me knowing I should have waited 6 months to buy my Macbook and would probably have a few more years running the latest OS. I wrote Apple about my thoughts and have yet to hear from the company.



When did you get your Macbook? You said you should have waited six months to buy it (like 6 months ago you got it), so that means that you bought it in 2010? Anything after May 2010 has a Intel Core 2 Duo. Even the 2008/2009 versions had an Intel Core 2 Duo. So I am a little confused.



Raises hand... EARLY ADOPTER HERE!



i plan to take a look at the Mac App Store every night at 12:00am in July till it comes out! so i will just post myself when its ready! JK

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