iCloud vs. MobileMe: What We Might Lose and What We Might Gain



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I just found this on Mac Life, How to move your iweb site.



Hi there - I use iWeb but host at GoDaddy very successfully. When you publish you have three options: publish to folder, FTP site or Mobile Me. ALWAYS publish to a folder as a back up. Then republish to FTP or MM. Since MM is going away, set up an account at GoDaddy (I do not like the owners elephant hunting, but the service is the best with real live human beings walking you through the learning curve.) Much cheaper than Apple, btw. You'll need to purchase a domain name, but you will have email hosting that way too.
I would be happy to assist any you with this (no charge) as I putter with iWeb sites for clients, more hobby than business. I will put my email address here and see if this discussion allows it. Feel free to contact me for tech and moral support on loosing your MM hosting.
In the long run I say good riddance Mobile Me. Two years ago they did a major upgrade and fouled up the works for days. My only concern is will Apple ditch iWeb altogether??? Wordpress is a nightmare to use (I have a client whose site is WP. Ugh!) iWeb is just so intuitive... I hope it doesn't go the way of iMovie 6, another great program Apple 'upgraded' with major losses in the functionality of the program.
Feel free to email me at cindy@isyourwebsiteuptodate.com and put Mac Life in the subject line.
Good luck!



I agree with Kevinpm1. Sometimes Apple is following Microsoftesqe rules of business. Make something that works then abandon it for something new and shiny. MobileMe is quirky and hard to get to work consistently but I would imagine iWeb could work with iCloud. I don't use iWeb enough to miss it if it's gone but when I do use a web design tool the iWeb package is what I reach for. The aging population is a new and expanding market. As I get older I lose interest in how things work and just have time to use things that work. That's where Apple shines.

MobileMe is great for what it does and improving the sync with the new iCloud package should be the end goal. I will take a wait and see attitude. The question marks don't worry me but when they start to change to NO then I'll get my knickers in a bunch.



Thanks to the magic of Macintosh and iWeb, I learned to create my first website at age 71. That was 4+ years ago, and my website operation--where iWeb is concerned--has gone very well. Granted that ventures into other sites using software like iBlog (a waste of time and energy), Sandvox (worked well enough until its latest upgrade trashed my internet connection, and Sandvox was unable to fix the mess), and RapidWeaver (similar story to Sandvox), were disappointing, but iWeb worked consistently, and permitted me the most flexibility in use.

So here am I, a non-techie septuagenarian and 11-year Mac convert, suddenly faced with an Apple-generated situation that says, in effect, "We're abandoning iWeb and your work. End of story." That is so MicroSoft!

Why does it matter? I am a community volunteer. My iWeb site is a schedule and chronicle of the work of 40+ regional organizations who have been working together to improve our region environmentally, culturally, and economically. And Apple is condemning that site--those records--to oblivion, in what seems like an uncharacteristically "Go to Hell" attitude that I have not previously associated with Apple.

Now, it may be that I am unnecessarily alarmed, and that there will be an easy resolution of the situation that will permit my iWeb creation to continue to operate, but if that is so, nothing that has come from Apple since the "iCloud" announcement has made that clear. Since I am not a techie, I really don't know a lot about the stuff that makes my site work. Using MobileMe and iWeb, I simply needed to know how to follow their procedures, and design my site. Now, Mr. Jobs is taking that away--apparently. Or, if not, then he has communicated poorly (impossible? I wonder) to the non-techies of the Macintosh universe--and I believe there must be at least a couple of us out there.

So, what's happening, Apple-folks? Are you tossing us onto the scrap heap, along with Newton and Lisa, or are you just communicating poorly to the non-techies of the Maciverse? We need to know. (Should you care? [Can you say, "Osborne Computer?" "Daisywriter?" "Edsel?" "Montgomery Ward?"] Yeah, if I were a stockholder, I would think that you should care.)



I am very much in the same boat as Kevinpm1. I recently got brave enough to create my own web site. I found it so easy that just this week I offered to get help a friend with his web site -- the plan being to totally redo his (charity site) using iWeb!!!!! iWeb has sat on my computer for years and now that I am using it it is going to disappear (or the thing that makes it easy is going to disappear). I do not know what to tell this friend! Do I still do a web site for him that may disappear shortly. I've been paying my $99 per year so I think this problem needs to be fully resolved by Apple instead of it creating a problem.




I wonder what will happen to my iWeb website that I host thru MobileMe? This is a concern for me.



Now, what does this mean for all of us .mac / .me email users? does this mean we don't have to renew each year but keep our emails?

Prices Free; $25 per year for iTunes Match $99 per year for single user / $149 for family



From the list, it looks like we're losing more than gaining.



In the IOS5 beta there is an option under the Cloud storage preferences to buy more storage. Will be interesting to see what the cost is.

Hopefully there will be an app to access this storage to replicate the iDisk functionality, though the principle of automatic syncing doesn't gel with this idea.



So the iDisk on my desktop is going to “Poof” into the cloud when this switch over occurs?

There are things I have solely on my iDisk - it’s backed up on my machine and synced to the “cloud” i.e. MobileMe already.

That’s gonna be a weird ride.

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