iOS 5: What to Expect



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I love everyones ideas I also would love to see info such as twitter feeds, facebook news, emails, etc via the lock screen......... really really really want WiFi sync that is like the most important of all the features for me...



Holy cow, when are we going to see a better lock screen. I want to see my messages and email and weather on the lock screen - without having to unlock, open the app and then read the message.



WiFi sync, better notifications and push mail for all email accounts? Yes Apple! Please do it!



Yeah! That's what I am talking about...
Ever since I have purchase the first edition of the iPhone-1 I have been wondering about that convenience of WiFi synchronization; versus having to be tethered to a USB cable...Heck, I will settle for Bluetooth Synching. I've just purchased the Alarm Clock Pro and the Camera+ (thanks to the screenshot of this thread) from my MacBook Pro due to Download problems. Wouldn't it be great if I did not have to go get the USB cable to plug my iPhone4 in order to install these two news apps as opposed to utilizing the BlueTooth OR the Wi-Fi features of both devices and synch?!
I am still waiting...


Printer Man

What about a new UI?



Wi-fi syncing would truly be a God-send. I used it formerly on WinCE/Mob but then even MS snatched it away. I used it almost exclusively and then one day "they" deemed it "insecure" and STOLE it from me. I want it....I want it now....I want it FOREVER!



I know it is a pipe dream, but this is a computer.

Why can we not have tons of control over sounds for everything, email, each contact, and when the sounds turn on and off...

Instead of having to go through all the settings at night to turn off mail sounds, text sounds, etc.. be able like an Energy Saver type thing where after 10PM all but the ringer is silenced, or even that if you want. Then say, at 6 or 7AM I want it all to come alive.

I forget half the time to turn back on the new email notification and text sounds.

It’s just a bit of software!

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