iPad 2: Which One is Right For You?



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Ah - some 'advice' for those who can't think (NOT me - NOT YOU!). This one from a 'Ray Aguilera,' who seems that when confronted with ANY multiple choice decision life throws at him, gets dizzy, and cries 'momma' (black or white? Arrrgh! - poor, poor Ray...).

It's really simple to choose.

How much money you got to spend? You want the BIGGEST for the LEAST amount of $$$.

Ok, that's done. Next: Do you hate AT&T, Verizon- or have you never wanted to be tied down to them?

Then go with straight WiFi.

I've NEVER had anything to do with either (I'm a SPRINT person - no cracks, please. They're FINALLY doing well, but that's beside the point).

As I said - I've NO strings to the 2 Apple carriers. Do you think that means I'm shut out of making phone calls?

Nope. And I get NO bill.

That's sweet.

Listening to these low-rent bobble heads will only waste your time. I trust most of you DO have brains.

Simple: the MOST for the LEAST. The BIGGEST for the LEAST.

THAT is how you pick an iPad - or ANYTHING.

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