An iPhone 4S User’s Weekend with the Nokia Lumia 900



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I just got the Nokia 900 today too, and said good bye to my 4S. I have LTE in my area and it is FAAASSSTTT! The phone is great, but not without its flaws as you pointed out. The number one being internet exploiter as the only browser. You pointed out a few apps and Plex which i'm now looking into too so thanks! I still like mac (I have a new Air and i'll be getting an iPad 3), but I just never really liked the iPhone. It felt like I had to work for it, and not have it work for me. Apps that are designed for metro also seem be so much better than almost all apps for iPhone. I did have to buy Clearer which I was bummed about because they stole the brilliant and innovative UI from the iPhone and the company that originally did it should get the money. Thanks for the review!



There are definitely better phone options than the iPhone these days. As fluid as it is, the UI needs to be updated a bit. ICS and WP are some real eye candy compared to iOS. Widgets on the home screen is just one example of how it can look more personalized for an individual user. I'm sure function over fashion is probably the deciding factor here, but as an Apple/Mac guy, I prefer phones from other vendors.

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