iPod and iPhone Shopping Guide: Which One Should You Buy?



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the ipod shuffle ipod touch 4G and the iphone 4 i recommend



I only had my 3GS 16G since July of 2010, and since all the upgrades and all the apps I have it does run slow and sluggish. and now what it does. the screen flashes like as if the hard drive is gonna quit. Just like my emac did before I got my snow leopard in Sept. So I think this Iphone is dieing too. After the new year I am taking it to the apple store for repairs. Gone for the wind. 3GS 's can't be stuffed. I love to stuff my phones with apps. I use them all of them. By the way most of the diabetic apps in itunes are useless. and they don't work. I know because I used them all.

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