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Carsten Legaard

From iTunes 1.0 up till and including 10 I could share my purchased (and off-cd ripped) music on any gadget in the house by importing a song from one gadget to another.
This is complety gone in iTunes 11 as it looks at my mac right now.
I hope this is a fata morgana and not the damned truth, 'cause if so I will have to leave the party and join another one called Spotify.
But still, where did the exact import button go and hide itself????


Carsten Legaard

The possibility to share in a household seems to have completely vanished from the help menu, also.
This is outright scary ...


Timothy McSwain

Home Sharing is still there. Look again.



What happened to the ability to shrink iTunes by double-clicking on the top of the window? This works in all Mac apps. Why should it stop working in iTunes? Very frustrating because that's the way Apple has taught me to minimize all apps, until now, and for no reason. I think this is a sign of how post-Jobs Apple's vision is fragmenting and falling behind.
Also, since upgrading to 11 (and it's not fixed in 11.0.1), the info in the Date Added column changed to the same date for ALL my songs (in my case, 8/19/12). This is absurd. The only current dates are for those songs I added since "upgrading."



As a dedicated Apple user of many years, I fully disagree with Mr. Bohon's opening comments "Despite being a month late, iTunes 11 didn’t disappoint. Version 11 has been completely overhauled, reimagined from the ground up, and we love the new features."
Speaking for myself and a majority of users I know, iTunes 11 disappoints on several counts, and I would hardly describe it as having been "reimagined from the ground up."
I also find it interesting that nothing was mentioned about the removal of the cover flow view or the removal of the display duplicates feature. How hard would it to have been to have left those options there for those of us who enjoyed using them? After all, they were only options–not requirements-as was also the case with the album artwork window formerly available at the bottom of the sidebar.
The one new feature that makes sense is the ability to show or hide the sidebar. Perhaps the new, much-adored-by-reviewers mini player could be considered somewhat of an improvement. Something that could have been an improvement-the add to playlist option at the top right corner of a playlist-instead turns out to be more trouble to enable than it's ultimately worth. Why not have that option available anytime you have a playlist open instead of first having to open a playlist "by selecting Music from the drop-down library selector menu at the far left, and then clicking the Playlists tab on the new tab bar that sits below the Now Playing marquee."
Unfortunately, this list of annoyances with version 11 could go on, so I'll finish with another much-touted-by-reviewers favorite, the column browser. Supposedly, part of Apple's intention with iTunes 11 was to simplify the user interface, however I find this so called feature nothing more than a needless bit of screen clutter.
I never thought I'd be this disappointed with iTunes, but I think Apple completely missed the boat, and from what I've seen posted on many sites across the internet, I'm not alone in this view. One can only hope that Apple may restore some of the missing elements in future updates. I have to agree with the previous post by AngusEdward. I,too, am "really sick of the iTunes development team."
Oh, one other thing. It would be nice to see a reviewer somewhere who wasn't afraid to offer a truly objective review of an Apple software update instead of just jumping on the bandwagon every time Apple throws something out there.



Back in the day, we up and coming techno-geeks used to call people like me - the oldagers. People in our company or school who only used the “new” computer and Internet technologies grudgingly, if they used them at all.

Now, after a career of being the lead man on technology use in my organization, I have become what I used to scoff at.


So, given the two recent updates of iPhoto and iTunes, I am left in a quandry. Both updates almost exclusively push the user into the Cloud. And like a recent question posited in Rik Myslewski’s “Lifer” column, What happens to all my data (pictures, music, documents, etc.) when the Cloud fails? Because like all previous human technology, IT WILL FAIL, partially or altogether at some point.

Will Apple and/or the rest of the gang, allow us to continue to use and enjoy our old versions OR will we be left behind? I am afraid of the answer.

Jon G. (Jerry) Laiche
Technology Coordinator (Retired)

Current Director,
Historian, Philosopher, Antiquarian Book Expert
The 1718 Project


I ready hate what the iTunes Team did to the search. It interferes with typing my search request plus it dog slow. I feel like I'm working on an old Radio Shack TSR 80. I have about 48,000 song in my iTunes library which supports my use of the Megaseg application. I deejay for a social dance club and when I want an artist or song I can not want to wait a long time to perform a search.

It also seems that I have to go through multiple steps to sort songs. This is a real pain.

I really wish I had not updated to 11. I want an application which is quick and simple to use.... stop trying to be fancy.

I really think this is the worst implementation I've see of iTunes.



Timothy McSwain

Maybe your computer is just old or bogged down? My MacBook Pro runs iTunes 11 blazing fast, and it's the best version I've ever used. (11.0.2 currently)



Usually, i download the ipsw files from itunes when i want to upgrade my ios devices. Since the size is huge, i pause them in the middle and resume them later when it takes long time. This time when i tried to upgrade my ios device through the new itunes and i did the same of pausing download after 350 MB and resuming them later ( original size >720 MB). I noticed it again starting downloading from beginning.. Time and Broadband charges wasted. Is this a Bug in new iTunes?



Yep, yet again, another major iTunes upgrade brings about another months-long failure of the live updating feature for smart playlists. I'm really sick of the iTunes development team.



I downloaded iTunes 11 and I'm really very pleased with it. Thank you for your article which I found very helpful. However I have one question. I cannot find the icon for AirPlay beside the Now Playing marquee. Do you have an idea what's going on with it? Thanks



How old is your Mac? Only 2011 models are supported as well as apple TV 2nd generation I believe.

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