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Great advice. I'm going to stay with natural scrolling since it is the iOS norm, but yes, it will drive some folks nuts until they get accustomed to it. Thanks for showing how to turn it off since it isn't obvious.

Love Launchpad and Mission Control.

I would caution that there are some utilities that may not be Lion-compatible but might not have been obvious during a pre-upgrade check through System Profile. LastPassword plugin has disappeared from Safari and reinstalling has not yet succeeded. A few websites (but not Mac|Life) did not recognize me at first and I had to login, although Safari did seem to have its previous set of user names and passwords for autologin. Perhaps these sites were ones where I used LastPass.

Runs very well on 4 GB. Several functions seem faster than SL.




I hope someone has figured this out by has Apple removed multi-touch from the finder?
Trying to navigate through finder with a swipe (2 or 3 finger) and nothing is happening, surely they wouldn't remove this is the intention is to make the whole OS more gesture orientated.



When searching the web you used (snow leopard) to be able to swipe two fingers forward or back to go back and forth between pages, it seems like now you can't do that anymore, or am I just missing something?




I love the new scrolling direction. It makes so much sense if you are an iPhone and/or iPad user (which I am). It really is natural for a touch/gesture interface.

Full screen apps are excellent on my 13" MacBook Pro. The funny thing is that in Google Chrome the two arrows button to go to full screen are there, but once in full screen mode there is no two arrows button to exit full screen. You have to go to View-> Exit Full Screen. Also, while in full screen mode in Chrome, you can't make the dock appear by hovering. You have to 3 finger swipe up into Mission Control.

FireFox 5 is just the opposite. There is no two arrows button to enter full screen mode. You have to go to View-> Full Screen. But, once in full screen mode the two arrows button appears to exit full screen. You also can't make the Dock appear while in full screen mode.

There are still some issues to be worked out by third party developers, but so far Lion is roaring for me.



i thought the new scrolling idea was quite cool and very easy to get used to. also, how could lion impede your work for days if it only came out today?



Don't turn off Scrolling!!! It's just ilk iOS scrolling. It also puts everything out of whack!!!



I agree that we should probably just take the time to learn inverted scrolling right now, but it really doesnt make sense sometimes. If I'm using my mice's trackball, or a wacom tablet, or really anything that isn't a trackpad than inversed scrolling feels weird.

I've already gotten acquainted with it and don't mind it, but switching between my Lion Laptop and Snow Leopard iMac is still such a drag.



why not upgrade the iMac? You can install Lion on up to 10 macs. (ps you can just move the file to the iMac with a USB drive instead of downloading it again)



Gotta keep one on Snow Leopard so I can reference changes when necessary. 

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