A Look Back at 10 Years of OS X



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Still a 10.6 user, started with OS X back in early 2003. I came from Windows 98 at home (and I believe OS 8 at work) and was blown away right out of the gate.

It will be interesting to see the Apple OS ecosystem evolves with iOS and whatever the desktop version of OS X becomes (if there is a "desktop" in the future!)


mac ppc g4 owner

10.6 was the best for me, i use it on my schools iMacs all the time. its the perfect mix of tiger sidebar (I rely on that for everything) and modern looks. Besides that i use 10.2 and OS9 on occasion for fun.



@iBookmaster - I was just thinking this as I read the article.



I still like the Aqua interface better than 10.7 has now. The gray icons in the sidebar is blah as it gets. Also putting drives back at the top of the sidebar would be good too. Sometime change is not for the better. I have gotten some of the color icons back in my sidebar with an app called ColorfulSideBar but, still not like Aqua.



I second (or I guess third) that, iBookmaster. I'm hoping against hope that in Mountain Lion, Apple will address that sidebar issue in every app -- not just Finder, but iTunes and iPhoto as well. I'm a broken record on this point, but I feel that those sidebars were created by artists for artists -- who, at least in my experience, prefer the blandest backdrop possible to focus on their work. I get that, but the rest of us find color helpful in distinguishing icons. Apple has stated that this change is to help keep the focus where it belongs, on your content, but in the case of the Finder, at least, the sidebar and files ARE your content. You want to be able to distinguish them at a glance. Strangely, the "Go" menu in the Finder still uses color icons. I guess they're not a distraction there?

At the very least, why not make the color sidebars go in tandem with the "Blue" theme in the General System Preference pane, and those who don't want color can choose the "Gray" theme. I know Apple's often not big on options, but in this case, it makes sense to add them.

In short: bring back color sidebars in Mountain Lion!!

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