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My life with computers started off on the wrong foot in 1988 with Windows Machines. My Mom had "Apples" in her classroom so I thought that they were only for kids to play with. Then I learned that Apple was the leader for Graphics and was curious but not sold. I had the opportunity one day to try a Mac out so I sat down and started working and when I hit the wrong key, it QUACKED! After jumping out of my seat with surprise, I decided that that was the cutest thing I had ever heard and fell instantly in love. I have been an Apple geek ever since. I've bought just about every model since the Color Classic (even tried one of those horrible clones!) and can never resist the newer faster models that keep popping out of the woodwork! I've always admired Steve Jobs and believe that he indirectly changed my life. Apple has long ago discontinued the "QUACK" sound from the error messages, so you can imagine my surprise when I found the "QUACK" ring tone on my iPhone! After Steve's passing, it's hard to not tear when I hear my phone ring, but I'll keep it to remind me how influential he was in my success as a Graphic Artist. Thank you Steve, I'll miss you!



we would not have macbookairs or any ios device with out him



I was never really interested in PC's, having been an IT professional on mainframe and later AS400 midrange computers since 1974. I occasionally installed and set-up PC's and OS2 machines throughout that time, but it was not until I became unable to have a job (through illness) that I started using PC's, I chose the wrong kind, and had a variety of Gates machines, that I built myself (an erroneous belief that they were "cheaper and more flexible")...

However, when Vista came along, I switched to Mac and I have now bought into the whole thing, iPad, iPhone, iMac, Apple TV, and my original Macbook pro... though I am a bit worried about Lion, bit of a Vista move, that... maybe.

What really needs to happen with the PC world, is for Apple to build their file system on the database model, like the aforementioned IBM midrange systems... I thought they were heading that way when they started talking about ZFS... anyway...

That was not what I wanted to say about the passing of Steve Jobs...

I thought that the most poignant thing was the latest keynote, where the cameras kept sweeping around the hall, showing it to be full, except for just ONE reserved and empty seat in the front row... Apple knew his passing was imminent.



I got my first mac when I was 12, it was the greatest thing walking into the apple store and saying I would like a macbook, the helpful and friendly people at apple got me the mac and it was on of the greatest days of my life. steve has changed the computer market, to head towards the future. Being 14 now, my dream is to someday work at apple. And help make his legacy live on.



The moment I fell in love with Apple, was when I saw the macbookair sitting there on the table at Best Buy. The moment i saw how thin and elegant it was, I fell in love with it. My family was all-PC at the time, and even though I had know idea how to use the thing, I desperately wanted to learn how. When I got home that day, I looked up Apple's website, and thus, another Apple fanatic was born. I have followed everything Apple ever since, and Steve Jobs was my role model. I would lecture on and on to my friends about anything related to Apple, and how much of a visionary Steve Jobs was. It is a shame to have him gone now, but the future of Apple is bright and prosperous thanks to only one man: Steve Jobs.
I'm going to miss you!

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