Palm Strikes Back: HP Unveils a Trio of New webOS Devices



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Firstly I would like to thank you J.R. for being the only journalist in the entire mac-centric website/blog world that wrote an article on this subject so well, with objectivity and facts. You didn't use the opportunity to deride HP in favour of Apple and that shows that you are a journalist who is certainly a cut above the rest.

I am a mac user and love my mac, but I hate it when apple-centric sites bash the competition when "reporting" on news. That is not journalism, it is insecurity and childishness.

Secondly, I have had an iPhone 3G for 2,5 years and it was a great device, but I'v e outgrown it and just 3 months ago replaced it with an Android phone - the HTC Wildfire - after my iPhone fell and smashed it's screen.

I too saw the original webOS event on 2009 and was impressed, but the poor hardware of the Pre and lack of availability in Europe, put me off it. Fast forward to 2011 and this event, and my interest and excitement in webOS is reawakened because Palm now has the backing on HP and the hardware finally seems to match the OS in terms of quality and spec.

I consider Android to be superior to iOS based on my experience with it, but it has it's limits and shortcomings, one of which is a fairly ugly UI. It is also hard to find great apps and for my so-called low end device, there aren't many compatible apps, let alone games.

webOS has always been very polished in terms of it's UI and very advanced in the way it works and does things (e.g. synergy). Things just seem to flow and work together well, and I like the extra touches like the touchstone charger and the new feature to exchange data with other webOS devices simply by touching them together.

I think webOS is like so mac/Apple like in it's looks and the way it "just works". I don't think that it is because of copying though, since after all it has been around since 2009, but they seem to have the same high standards as Apple.

The wait is long but I will gladly wait for the Pre 3, and unless there are significant issues with it, plan to replace my Android phone with it.

The TouchPad also looks great and if I can afford it, I might eventually get it too.

I hope that they really do well because it's a great OS, which os widely praised, and they deserve to do well.



I understand that Apple is usually on top of the newest technology, and that others feed off their success by copying their products. But this "TouchPad" is a copy to the extreme. The mail app, the keyboard, the way the icons are arranged in the menu bar at he top, and the "dock" like menu at the bottom. If you are going to copy a basic idea of a product that is fine. Copying most of the features and appearances is not so cool. I can't wait till Apple crushes all of these tablets, that think they are going to take the tablet market, with the iPad2.



I watched the entire 1hr 49 min presentation. I'm impressed. I do hate slide out keyboards, so the Pre 3 will not be in my pocket.
Now, Apple, show them how its done with iOS and Lion.

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