Plugged In: A Guide to Mini DisplayPort Connections



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Larry Coleman

It's not true that "starting with the 2010 model, the smallest Mac now comes standard with an HDMI connection." I'm sure of this as I am writing this on a mid-2011 11-inch MacAir which has two usb ports and a mini-display port, but no HDMI port.



I found that the MiniDVI to VGA adapter from Apple will need to be replaced if it is too frequently moved around roughly or bent awkwardly. The thing just doesn't have great durability, something which is a bit of a shortcoming since we're considering Apple's standards.



What are the possibilities for connecting a older 23 inch ADC Cinema Display to Mini Display port or HDMI?



It seems like I'd have to buy a couple different pricey converters to make this happen? Anyone know of a more direct route?

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