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I just recently bought an iPad and like it a lot. I think the ipad is a good medium between a laptop and having a much more small device like a android phone. I have read the comments and seen the MacBook air get mentioned many times. I have had the chance to actually interact with one and think the addition of a solid state drive an interesting feature but not worth the money since there is no disc drive on the machine. You would have to buy it separately. This seems like a step backwards and to acquire more money from customers. I really like the thin size of the Air but disc drive sold separately is not a good selling point for me anyways.



Can you share purchased applications with Home Sharing? Assuming you can . . .does this provide the capability to buy say one copy of Pages and put it on both my iPad and my spouses? Doesn't seem like that would be authorized . . .but might be something that is OK with Apple.



MacBook Air commercials running endlessly? I hardly see them.



I'm waiting for Air to be delivered.
Will try to replace my iPad.



I just recently visited the Apple store. I had a chance to see the 11" Mac book air. I did toy around with it for a moment. The screen size was to small for me and also for the same price I can get a 13" MacBook pro. Which is more powerful. For me when I set down for a computing session. I want my machine to be well equipped. I ve never been able to figure out the purpose of a net book. The iPad is way more portable than the 11" Mac book air.
I guess the article was right. It s subjective.



Very interesting article. I am not using my Air as my main machine, as I have an iMac, so I am in a slightly different situation. I bought the 64GB 11.6" model as an impulse buy when I got a good deal on it

The speed is amazing, it runs most things far more quickly than my Core 2 Duo Macbook with a faster processor and more memory did. BTW, I am shocked to hear that it will run Civ V, I had bought that but assumed that it wouldn't run on the Air, I have to try that.

For me it is not an iPad replacement, the iPad still has MUCH better battery life, tons of apps with no equivalent in OS X/Windows, an easier to use OS, and internet access from anywhere on the 3G model. However, there are things I want to do that the iPad doesn't do as well, like podcast editing, and for that the Air is a godsend.

I sold my Macbook (4GB/500GB) after getting the Air. I don't store audio or video on it, using the iPad and Zumocast or AirVideo, or Netflix streaming on the Air, for that, I just store apps on it, and with lots of apps installed, I still have 40GB out of 64GB free. I use Dropbox for backup.

The iPad has really shown how fast a computer with limited processor speed and memory can be, and the Air is another good example, the solid state drive and Snow Leopard's ability to use the graphics chip for non-graphics tasks make a big difference.

Despite Apple's rhetoric, I have always been a netbook fan, I love small size and light weight in computers, and in many respects the Air is the OS X netbook I wanted Apple to sell when the iPad was first introduced.

And, yes, Spaces and the Macbook Air is a match made in heaven, you can run everything full screen and still quickly switch between apps.



I agree about the iPad. I have a 13" Macbook and am looking at the Air, not the iPad.
I watch a fair amount of movies and such while laying in bed or on the couch and can't imagine doing that on the iPad. And the convenience of typing on it pretty much does the iPad in.
It does get warm and is a bit heavy. Someday will replace with the Air since it's a better fit.

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