RAM Off!: A Guide To Buying Mac Memory



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Be careful with using Crucial website to help you figure out what you need, at least based on my experience. I have an iMac mid-2007 with 3 GB. They think you can only upgrade to 4 GB, when you can actually upgrade to 6 GB. They do sell a 4 GB upgrade, but you have to search for it. OWC has a better price so I'm going to with them.



I just upgraded my mid-2009 MacBook Pro and the crucial scanner was dead on.



Two for two on being wrong with this scanner...

I tried it on a 2007 Mac Mini and it told me I had 3 gigs installed (which I do) but it showed the Max as only 2 gigs. The max actually is 3.

I tried it on an Aluminum 2008 MacBook. It told me I had 8 gigs installed (which I do) but it says the max is only 4 gigs...

You would be far better served to go to Wikipedia and look your Mac up that way. Google Macbook Wiki, Mac Mini Wiki, iMac Wiki, etc and it will tell you both the number that Apple says (which it appears to be what the Crucial app is doing) and what really can go in that machine...

I couldn't resist and had to go try it on my 2011 MacBook Pro 15" 2.2 ghz machine. Says I have 8 gigs (which I do) in there and that the max is 8 gigs... The max is 16 gigs...

Three strikes and you're out!



This interests me. I recently upgrades my 2008 Macbook to 4gb since the common advice was that's the max it could take.
I have looked further into this and see from the link in the wiki page you detailed that this was due to a EFI firmware update in Snow Leopard.
Do you currently run your Macbook with 8gb and if so are you on Lion yet?
I would like to max out my Macbook but would be apprehensive of purchasing more modules after recently buying them if there was a possibility of there being issues.

My Macbook spec.
2.0GHZ Intel Core 2 duo



I have the exact same 2008 MacBook as you do. Yes, I am running Lion with 8 gigs of memory and it runs fantastic.

The memory that I put in there is quite inexpensive. I don't know if I can post direct links to Newegg on here or not, but the description of the memory is as follows...

G.SKILL 8GB (2 x 4GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Laptop Memory Model F3-10600CL9D-8GBSQ

Right now it is $48.99 for the 8 gig kit, but they actually had this same set on sale a few weeks ago for $39.99.

I've only had the 2008 Macbook for about 3 months. I snagged it off Craigslist for $200 so I could have something to take overseas with me that was usable rather than taking my brand new MacBook Pro! LOL! It really is a decent little laptop, and though obviously not as fast as the 2011 model, it's still quite usable...



MacBook1,1 (All) - Install/use up to 2.0GB total memory
MacBook2,1 (All) - Install up to 4.0GB total memory, uses up to 3.0GB.
Note: Although limited to physically utilizing a maximum of 3GB, there is a performance
benefit due to 128 Bit addressing when 4GB( 2GB x 2 Matched set) is installed.

MacBook3,1 (All) - Install/use up to 4.0GB total memory
MacBook4,1 (All) - Install/use up to 6.0GB total memory

MacBook5,2 **2.0GHz Model Only** Install/uses up to 6.0GB total memory

MacBook5,2 **2.13GHz Model Only** Requires Different Memory Type, Please Click Here

MacBook5,1 (All) Requires Different Memory Type, Please Click Here

MacBook6,1 & MacBook6,2 (All) Requires Different Memory Type, Please Click Here



For the ram guide, to tell you how much and what ram you can use;

go to macsales web site for configuration for your model



Nice article, I just wish MacLife would stop assuming that all their readers are from North America. Us over here in NZ don't have best buy or walmarts, so the article is not really that helpful to us. Perhaps would have been more use to point out what to look for at your local retailer, and perhaps some reputable RAM manufacturers?



Would be kind of hard for them to give advice on places overseas when they have no experience dealing with them.

Other World Computing, Amazon and eBay all have international shipping, and will probably be the best prices, so there is three choices in their article for international shipping.

If you do know of local places in your country/state/province, this would be a good time to mention them so other readers can have that customer experience/review from someone that has used them.



@brookwarner: I live in South Africa and I've ordered RAM from OWC. Type in credit card details, wait a week or two for the package to arrive in the mail. No problems.

Now if you want to complain about Apple's pathetic excuses for iTunes stores in our countries, I'm with you all the way ...



Yeah... Next time you write an article that mentions local stores, you should take a trip to several different countries and investigate their local stores too. I'm sure the big wigs at Mac|Life would spare that expense in order to provide more inclusive articles, right?

I mean... Really... Why is this article so unhelpful to people outside the US? It gives no information other than buying RAM from Walmart or Best Buy.

[rolls eyes]



I like your sarcasm!!!!

(For the other readers)The article mentions at least three places that will ship internationally.



This is well documented, but i thought i should share.
When i bought an i7 iMac a few months back (That's model 11,3, 2,93Hgz i7. The model that has no thunderbolt on it), i thought i should max out the RAM to 16GB.
So i purchased 4x 4GB NewerTech modules from OWC.
A few hours after the install, i experienced the following phenomenon.
The iMac was shutting down!! Instantly!
And i don't mean a kernel panic, a curtain to notify me please restart your computer or anything..
It simply shut down in less than a second, as someone has pulled off the plug!
After doing a lot of research on the matter and with the help of a local dealer here in Greece, we found out that the iMac does not "like" to see over 12GB of RAM if it's another brand than Samsung!!!!!!!!!!
I ended up returning the NewerTech memory and ordered 16GB of Samsung memory instead!
From that point on, everything worked just fine!
And my question is: Really Apple?? Really??

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