Should You Roku?



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Just a shame it doesn't stream video from a NAS drive. My jailbroken AppleTV does. That was the deciding factor for going down Apple TV route rather than the Roku.
If you don't need that functionality and you're in the US (the video stream services in the UK are less plentiful) the Roku is a great choice



Same here man! It's nice that it automatically updates over the air. Having the usb drive add-on is a major factor. I don't want to have to rely on streaming all the time.



I'm a huge Apple fan, from desktop, to iPhone, to iPad, to iPod touch, but Roku was our best gift to ourselves this past Christmas. It just offers so much more than Apple TV. We got the Roku 2 XS, and it was less than $99, because it was a Christmas sale. I think we paid $79 for it. We have no regrets.

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