Snap! 8 Online Photo Sharing Services Compared



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Any thoughts on KodakGallery?



Convenience Is An American Killer

I am part of a close family, they all have nicely built cameras on their mobile phones yet none of them are 'photographers'. None of them find these online galleries of any practical use. This is how it is for many Americans.

How many people don't I know with webcams on their computers and absolutely NONE of them ever use those webcams. Here we have a fantastic technology yet absolutely NOBODY ever uses them. Apple camera technology is all over the place yet I've NEVER EVER seen anyone use those cameras.

America (as usual) is being told what to like and the proof that they don't like it is in the final manifestation.



I use Dropbox. It is by far the easiest way I've found to both view and share photos in galleries that I create just by making a folder on my own computer inside the Dropbox>Photos folder. The Dropbox website automatically creates viewable galleries out of any folder of images in the Photos folder.



My biggest problem with most of the service I've looked at (as I search for a replacement for MobileMe Galleries) is that I want people to be able to view optimized images in-browser, but download the full-size files. Do any of these services allow that?



Kodak Gallery allows for full rez downloads



Yes, I have been using SmugMug for about 3 years and really enjoy their features and service. You can allow visitors to see optimized photos (or give them the option to view various sizes of your photos). You can enable click to download/save so friends can download and save your photos, as the original file (and/or you can disable this option if you don't want visitors downloading for free.



Flickr does that



I used to use it a ton more than I do now I really tried to like Flickr but I think they've done so little to the UI - I find it to be a bit unappealing to use - just my 2 cents.

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