Spring Cleaning: Five Awesome Disk Cleaners



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Vitalii Varbanets

Any disk space analyzer? I recommend Disk Expert



I understand what Miller says. Online reputation can be destroyed very easily by competitor without any reason.

Being a user, I want to say that why should I go the whole pack of Mackeeper when I need only one or two. Why don't you avail one-to-one application like CleanMyMac and Stellar Speed Up Mac.


David Miller

Hello Wirehedd,

Answering those statements in your post here:
In May/June of 2011 we were the victim of a massive "Negative P.R. Campaign" by an unethical competitor who used paid blog posts, advertisements and an army of comment and forum spammers to make false claims and scare potential customers. The bad thing about the internet is that anyone can have their reputation destroyed at anytime and for any reason. Many industry professionals use MacKeeper and have given it their approval.
MacKeeper is not a Virus or Malware. MacKeeper is a bundled utility that helps you manage your data. MacKeeper has an advanced anti-theft protection system, internet security and a diverse range of data management utilities and nothing more. MacKeeper is a "no nonsense" application that can not do anything beyond what you the user choose to use it for. MacKeeper is an award winning bundle of 16 essential applications that is trusted and used by Mac users around the world.

Furthermore we were the official attendees and sponsors of MacWorld/iWorld Expo 2012. Apple community does not allow malware and viruses to be present at the expo right?
And more news, at MacWorld/iWorld expo ZeoBit LLC has presented a new generation of MacKeeper 2012. We Do value your comments and criticizm for you are the ones who help us to develop the software. Our techs have made a lot of improvements in the new MacKeeper 2012 you can go ahead and see for yourself just visit our website.
Also our team would like to thank all of the MacKeeper users who helped us to reach a new level of system protection, optimization and maintence by giving us valuable comments and helping us to develop a brand new generation of MacKeeper 2012.

Best Regards from ZeoBit LLC team.



Good article, and very informative. I am using the freeware MacCleaning to clean my mac. and I will try these applications you mentioned.



This article is very useful. I have used my Mac for years and did not notice my hard disk is consuming by the useless files. I followed it and cleaned my Mac by MacKeeper. Thanks. And I tried to use MacCleaning to do this as well.It is free and effective.



I have a 13" and 17" MBP and highly recommend CleanMyMac. I've saved 27 GB on the 13 since I got it in the summer of 2009. Easy to use and reliable. I figured paying for a cleaner would be the best option.



MacKeeper is basically malware disguised as an app. It's a piece of garbage that does enormous amounts of damage to systems and behaves in ways that seriously bring it's authenticity into question (admin password for uninstall not from the machine but JUST the app?). I wouldn't touch it for any reason and a recommendation for it here seriously diminishes the credibility of the writer.

Apologies for having to point that out but MacKeeper is dangerous and damaging.

Little else.



If i had to pick between MacKeeper and CleanMyMac; what would be the deciding feature besides the $10 difference?



use appcleaner instead of app zapper. It works fine and it's free.

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