Stop the Insanity! WWDC 2012 Reality Check



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I hope to see...

A 15 inch MacBook Pro with
-Retina display
-Ivy bridge Quad core i7 processors
-better battery life
-16GB RAM (8GB minimum)
-2TB Hard drive (1TB minimum)
-I dont care if it gets thinner or a little thicker even.
-I don't care if they remove the disk drive (If they do they should make the MacBook Air superdrive cheaper though)

OSX mountain lion

iOS 6

Update the thunderbolt display, I don't know what to change but they should at least make it cheaper ($1000 is a lot for a monitor)

Make it so you can buy Apple Products with iTunes credit!



Bigger iPhone, Smaller iPad.... Need i say anymore? (Need Tim Cook or Steve Jobs say it again for the rumor mills to get that there is no Bigger or Smaller?

Anyways enough ranting (its just really ticking me off that people dont get the word "no").

iOS6 DP's should start, and a GM of Mountain Lion. Thats playing it safe on expectations.

for wish list: AppleTV (one with a screen), Retina Screen for a MBA (i would replace my '10 with it)
AppleMaps, iWork'12, iLife'12, a revitalization of Ping, and also No Facebook integration!

Almost No chance of happening: A Buyout of Twitter & Yelp, Movies in the Cloud (like netflix), & NFC for the iPhone.

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