The Ultimate Wi-Fi Printer Shootout



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any reviews for black and white laser printers -- 90% of my work is black and white text printing.



How can you compare a $129 Brother machine to a $300 Canon? Come on! I just bought a Brother multi-function in the $300 range and it rocks. I'd prefer to read a more balanced comparison.



I have an Artisan 835. I agree with everything said about it but one thing - the unit can scan wirelessly. I do it daily.



I didn't see this before purchasing a new printer this weekend. I got an Epson Artisan 725: easy setup, totally wireless, and the print quality is great. Downloaded an app to print photos wirelessly from my iPhone camera roll, too -- so not sure why Epson only received 2 stars for iOS capability above. High-capacity cartridges will be about $50-60 on Amazon for a pack of ALL colors (as compared to $75+ PER color for my previous and now-retired color laser). Just thought I would throw in a few stars for this lower-cost model, which was on sale for $99!

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