Vintage Photo Shootout: Instagram vs. Hipstamatic



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Apples and Oranges.



One correction and one comment.

"Finally, the News tab is for users to receive updates from the company (which is empty at the moment)"

The News tab in Instagram is not for the company to post news but for feedback you get in form of likes or comments - all new ones are in this feed. Makes me wonder if you didn't spend enough time with the app to notice this, how can you review it justly...?

My comment is, having used both, that Instagram is in a word, more instant. Hips is really old school, meaning it takes a while for the flash to load, for the pictures to be processed etc. Instagram allows you to post a pic to the community in seconds. Instagram is clearly the winner, altho Hips gives more artistic possibilities.



Those are two different apps and I don't see the reason to compare them. Hipstamatic is more like a trend now and people who feel like using it seldom choose between this app and some other. Instagram is more of a social service to me and its strong side is sharing, but not taking pictures. And the most important thing, there are powerful and very user friendly photo processin and photo filtering apps on the App Store and if you want old school of vintage, you should choose those... Regards...


Mr. Happypants

Check out "Plastic Bullet" too, it post-processes existing pics. There's no real control over the effects however, it just randomly toggles through a batch of presets and not even with a lot of variety. It's fun though, if you can get it on Sale.



I agree totally with this article. I love the ease of the app. I like sharing photos on twitter and FB and the social features of seeing photos of my friends is great. don't be hatin' yo



BOO. Film ftw.



I disagree and think hipstamatic is better. I don't like logging on and starting another account, I don't share photos much with FB and Twitter. Hipstamatic just takes photos, which is what I prefer.



The program does not work well and there are other programs that work better. I like the Mirror Cam you can save your pics to photo album or facebook. And there is the other camera program which I am waiting for the upgrade for because the camera got lost since our phones got upgraded to 4.2



Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Instagram force you to register and login in order to use their app? Sure, Hipstamatic takes a little longer to get going but if you already have some sample pics, it's quite easy and quick to go back to previous settings based on the past pictures to get the desired effect.

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