What’s Still Missing From OS X Lion



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I wish people would stop saying you need Snow Leopard to do an install or clean install of Lion. This is just not the case, you need Snow Leopard with the App Store to buy and download it, but that is where it ends.

Once you download Lion, you can create a DVD, that you can then boot from and use it to wipe your hard drive and restore the OS. People on the windows side have been doing this for years, this is not rocket science here people! This is basic computer 101.



I miss the box too...



Front row can actually be put back into Lion. Go to bit.ly/ou6ZG2 and select the package at the bottom. Install it, restart, and Front Row is back! Worked excellent for me!






I for one will sorely miss the box deal of OS + iWork + iLife. Here's hoping a box set of the latter two is in the works.



Three of these are simply NOT going to happen:

USB 3.0
Blu-Ray Support

Thunderbolt KILLS usb, Rosetta is OLD and needs to be put down, and blu-ray is a "bag of hurt".

Friends of Mac



USB 3.0 WILL happen simply because Thunderbolt is not Apple tech but Intel tech and will not become an industry standard. USB 3.0 will and pretty much has over the past year become industry standard. When there are billions of USB 3.0 devices, apple will concede. It will be much like USB 2.0 and Firewire right now. Firewire is SOOOOO much faster but not as widely used so Macs come with fewer FireWire ports and more USB ports.

Rosetta, I will agree with you on.

BluRay, I don't think will happen, but definitely needs to happen.



When installing Lion to a new SSD, I had to burn it to a disc, and use the Snow Leopard install disc to format the drive.



Where can the Java Runtime Environment be found for download?



I use Eclipse, which requires the Java Runtime Environment. The first time I launched Eclipse, OS X gave me a prompt stating that the application requires the Java Runtime Environment, and asked if I'd like to download or cancel. I clicked the download button, and less than 30 seconds later Eclipse was up and running exactly as before.

So... You shouldn't need to manually go find it if you launch an app that requires it.


Steve W. Jackson

Frankly, I think tossing in that phrase was a bit snide. Java technology has advanced light years since I began developing with it in late 2000, and it's more widely used than you might think. It appears that Apple has (finally) gotten on board with Sun taking over responsibility for Java in Mac OS X, meaning it'll stop being ages behind the mainstream releases for Windows and Linux. But it's definitely NOT a dated technology.

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