What is the Best App to Paint Your Masterpiece?



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Mac drawing

There's a wonderful Mac and iPad drawing app named MyBrushes is missing in your list.The whole drawing process could be saved as drawing video and playback anytime.


debellis chew

I used to work on MS Paint and later changed to sketchbook express. Now I used MyBrushes. I enjoyed hundreds of paintbrushes it provided and unlimited size canvas it claimed.



Here i got a new Android app can do more fun:
Realtime Paint
* Unlimited Zoom in / Zoom out!
* Share a boundless board with a group of people.
* Share your art with your friends through facebook, google+, email etc.
* Set your Board as publish with or without readonly permission.
* Text Chat while Drawing.
* Store your paint in the cloud.



I recently purchased the Wacom Bamboo Connect and even though I get the sticky-pen thing on the screen (Macbook Air 13 mid-2011), it's a very nice tool to use on all of these programs...they go hand-in-hand.

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