What the iPad 3 Could Be Like a Year From Now



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You are dreaming.. lol



I read a review of ipad2 a few days after it's release. The reviewer said that it felt TOO thin and he was worried that it might be more fragile. He also said that the decrease in thickness means you can feel the heat from the processor - so I'm not convinced they will make ipad3 even thinner again



My iPad SD fantasy:

I want to store my ebooks, etc. in beautiful little inro and nesuke like holders which I can plug in to an equally beautiful wireless device that will stream my ebooks (also beautiful), etc. to my iPad.

I know dropbox, etc. but I want beautiful little objects that I can enjoy aesthetically, just as I enjoy real books, prints or artworks. I love the convenience of electronic data, but I don't want to lose the beauty of tangible things.

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