What Will Apple Dream Up Next?



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in the last years I present think about the future computer about 2015 and late this is idea her name is one Pc central for all user the one big computer in work


Timothy McSwain

That controller is hideous. I'm sorry, but you can't just make something out of aluminum/glass and call it "Apple-like." Those don't look a thing like Apple products.


Adam Benton

ArsMod - The screen wouldnt remain transparent during use, unless you wanted a degree of it - it would be a controllable feature like brightness, from clear to opaque. ;)



As cool as having a transparent monitor might sound, it just isn't practical. Want a scenic view behind your monitor? Forget it. You probably couldn't comprehend much on your transparent monitor because of the distractions in your window thats behind it.

And I don't buy that computing will be completely cloud based. While developers may like it, I don't think a majority of the educated public will go for it. I'm sorry but I just can't leave my level of productivity at the mercy of my internet connection or cloud servers. As good as my FIOS connection may be, stuff happens. And its when you least expect it.

I love streaming movies on my Apple TV but even iTunes has hiccups.



And what high speed internet connection would be able to handle this? None. Not for about 20 years and after cable companies have been driven into the ground and destroyed forever.

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