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TV ? No thank you. I don't want Apple experimenting on my wallet while they go through three or 4 iterations of their TV before they get it right. And what type of panel will they use?



I think people are underestimating the fight for the living room. Look at the penetration of television sets in the US vs. any other device. I would imagine the size of the market dwarfs all other devices combined. Couple the market size with the opportunity to loosen the chokehold cable providers have. Now add in exclusive content provision into the model. Considering Microsoft's multiple failed attempts to take ownership of the last bastion of old school media delivery, it seems pretty obvious there are huge bucks here to be had.

I agree completely with universe1fry, Apple looks at existing technologies and reinvents them as game changers that renders the competitive landscape irrelevant. For old school television viewing, I'd argue the remote is a throwback to a previous century in desperate need of artificial intelligence, anticipating what you want to watch by your habits, making recommendations and I hope, buttonless. But that's just a band-aid. The real opportunity is the convergence of television and computing to provide truly interactive experiences that allow customized viewing to such an extent that our current time-shifting abilities will feel as primitive as the transition from hand-cranked starters on horseless carriages to key-initiated ignition.



I think some of these theories are a little 'out there.'

iTV is probably the one with the most legs but I wonder what kind of price they're going to be charging for what is essentially a computer monitor and as someone has rightly said the service providers are not going to give up content provision easily.

iCar would essentially make Apple a Microsoft - providing software for hardware they cannot control. Also, it would need to be for an international car producer with convergent brand values and caché - Audi anyone? I cannot see Apple sticking an iPad in a Chrysler - it ain't gonna happen.

iHome - just, no. iServe - I think iCloud is a bit of a hamfisted first go at this.

I do think that computing has reached a semi plateau (until the new 3D intel chips ship) and we are seeing a bottlenecking in what computers can do in our everyday life. I wonder if the next breakthrough is going to be how we compute - if an iPad (and iPhone, and iTV) are relegated to input devices and our 'real' computer is sat at home running the show. I dunno, I'm just riffin'!

Good piece though. Thought provoking.



I don't know about you guys but I think the iTV is a great idea. Considering the thunderbolt already looks amazing for movies and gaming and stuff, why not make it even bigger?.. sure its going to be a huge money waster, but don't we pay for Apple quality? The Siri integration would be genius. But I do disagree with the whole "iComputer". Why kill something off that is one of Apple's revolutionary products? If you're gonna get rid of something kill off the Air.

Why would we need iCar?.. thats what Siri is for. Plug your iPhone in and you're good to go.



Curious, what exactly is "flawed" with Sync? I have it in my Fusion and have no issues with it. It connects to my phone just fine, it plays all the music on the HDD I've installed, voice commands work great. Phone calls are clear, it connects automatically once my phone is within range.

What do you find is flawed with it, that Apple could "improve" upon? Apps? Ya, 'cause you know, people need MORE distractions while driving. 3G? Hardly. With everyone having smartphones these days, just pair your phone to the car, and you're done. Touchscreen display? Same as the apps bit. We need less distractions.



"So, we predict that sometime within the next few years, Apple will unleash The Next Big Thing: The predecessor to the Macintosh."
Do you mean the SUCCESSOR to the Macintosh? The Apple II was the predecessor.
I can see this. It's disturbingly apparent that Apple is pulling away from the high end, and increasingly looking like normal computing is low priority as well. The FinalCut X fiasco, the way the Mac Pro is languishing without a badly needed update, dropping Computer from the name, hints are all around. I could even see Apple dropping the Macintosh all together to concentrate on more profitable lines, phones and pads. I really don't know what I would do then.

I just don't see it. We have TVs. Apple can't improve the interface that much. Most importantly what Apple could bring to the game, online content via an iTunes-like service is DOA. The cable companies have made it explicitly clear they will throttle broadband any time it appears likely to threaten their Cable TV cash cow. Simply ain't gonna happen.

I like the idea. Sure iCloud is fine for some things but there would need to be a quantum level improvement in both remote storage costs and broadband speeds for me to want to be regularly backing up my 250Gb of data to the cloud. I have a NAS on my local network and even over Cat-5e it takes 10 minutes for TimeMachine to do an incremental. Over the cloud it would be both inefficient and unworkable. The other problem with the cloud for everything is that many people are not in an area where they have connection all the time. IT's fine in the bay area but for people here in rural Canada, or in the flyover states in the US it's hit and miss.



Other nerds, take a note: THIS is how you pick apart an article. Insightful, grammatically sound, and not terrible. Well done, hoser.






(Generic nerd whining and nitpicking).

No, they don't have a NETWORKED-ATTACHED storage box. They have iCloud, which, last time I checked, ISN'T NETWORKED ATTACHED, IT"S THE GD CLOUD! The difference is that one is online only. With a network-attached storage box you are required to be online, because offline it is still a box of storage ATTACHED to your NETWORK (see what I did there? That's called reversed structure. Go rhetoric!).

And yeah, an iTV wouldn't be a 100% new idea; TVs already exist. Apple isn't really in the business of making things never before seen; there were touchscreens and cell phones before the iPhone, there were computers before Macs, there were online stores wherein one could pay for music and applications and such before iTunes. (very nearly) EVERYTHING is built off of something else. Technological advancement isn't one Genesis after another, it's an evolving process; from time to time something will radically depart, but those times are rarer and rarer.

And crikey, "bigger screen am good" isn't a new advancement. Does missing that extra 14.2% REALLY make a difference in your usage? We're supposed to be geeks up in this piece; leave the "bigger is better" attitude for the guys who drive needlessly big-ass trucks and rev their engines constantly.

Y'all are really good at complaining about free media. I'm better at complaining about your complaining.



How about just releasing an iPhone that can compete with the other 4"+ phones out there. I'm not a droid fan but it's seriously a few steps ahead of Apple. So disappointing. Also, what about console gaming? They should team up with Sega. Console system + AppStore = iHome or whatever.


jack jack jack

Apple is not going to get into gaming. Period.



"Apple needs to create a network-attached storage box"

It already has. It's called iCloud. People don't want to mess with local storage, backups, etc. Everything in the cloud. Next up: your video content in iTunes.



Love the iHome "connecting to toaster" Haha



Though I'd certainly add the iServe to a Wish List - I feel it's unlikely to the point that it shouldn't be included on this list as a possibility. Apple has demonstrated it's desire to maintain, organize and distribute our content for us... through the Cloud. Selling an iServe product would move away from that plan (it would be like them giving us more storage space in the AppleTV again). But hey - that's just my opinion (regardless of much I'd like an iServe for myself).



I don't see anything here that hasn't already been done. Still nothing radically new, or isn't some Apple version of a product that already exists.

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