Which Mac mini Is Right For You?



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I ended up getting the entry level Mac mini, upgrading the RAM to 4GBs myself, and installing Lion server from the App Store. Saved a little bit of money over the Mac mini Server model, and works great when you're not hosting a ton of clients on the server.



I think that there is not much of a difference between the lower level and mid level mini if you're not opting to add a different hard drive or springing for an i7. If you're not a "gamer" needing that graphic card upgrade, it is much cheaper to buy the $599 mini and put in 8 GB of RAM yourself (aftermarket). You can buy 8 GB of RAM for $65. Now you have an 8GB of RAM in a mac mini with a similar processor (difference of 0.2 GHZ but still both i5) for a savings of $135 (and 4 MORE GB of RAM)!


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