Which Social Network is Right for You?



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I found your analysis very helpful. You are a good writer.



Pinterest has gained a following, though I have no idea of the numbers. It seems to be a sort of Tumbler-esqe group of people who are not quite ready to cut off their ear--artsy, but not van Gogh. It's an "invitation-only" site, where you ask for an invite then get it a day or two later. I'd be interested in what effect that has had on their membership--do I feel exclusive and special because I got an invite that I asked for? Not really. People "like" other folks' content, build "pin boards" for interests (Hidden Rooms, Tree Houses, Awesome Stuff, For the Home, etc.) and others view the random stuff you have put up and commented on. Great for wasting an hour figuring out how to put an underground wine cellar into your "non-basement" home in AZ...

StumbleUpon is cool for finding rad spots on the web, and they link with FB because apparently the rule is that everyone needs to link to FB. You tell it preferences, it "stumblesupon" a site and you like or dislike it. In the process you see who also likes that page and you can post it to FB.

I'm sure there are more social networks out there. These are largely for fun and clearly not for work purposes, but if you indicate on StumbleUpon that you're interested in design, you will undoubtedly stumble one day upon different designers' resumes. Incredible!



Alex, I'll take None of the Above for 100

Been on Facebook for a couple of years now. At first I posted a fair amount. After a while I decided I did not really know all of these "friends" nor did I want to. About a year ago I culled about 2/3 of them. Over this year I found myself posting less and less. In addition I realized I really did not want to read how my young relatives got drunk at a party or see pictures of someone's infant throwing up. In September I 'unfriended' everyone. This year I mostly have been using Facebook to follow a couple of CBC programs that I listen to. Now that I'm working I haven't been on Facebook in over a month. I keep my account in case anyone, like an old school chum, tries to find me. OK in reality it's because it's not worth the effort of cancelling. I wonder how many of those 750 million users are moribund accounts like mine. I'd guess a fair number.

I tried Twitter for a month. Vacuous does not capture it. Remove companies pimping products and 'celebrities' pimping themselves and there's nothing left.

I signed up for Google+ when it was opened to the public. Hello? Is anyone there? Literally NOBODY I know is on it. I have not connected with anyone because it's like walking into an empty gym. You can almost hear the echos.

I've never tried Tumblr. To show off my writing and photos and art I have my own website.

Linkin is interesting. I'd heard of it but when I got laid off I was told that it was 'essential' to find anything above menial work. I set up a profile. I made a couple of connections. All I saw was posts for jobs I didn't want, ads for party girls in Bahrain, and articles about how Linkedin was important. I joined a couple of relevant groups for IT people in BC and saw a bunch of other IT people looking for work. After three months I found a job, using the old fashioned method of hunting down postings and applying. Linkediun was irrelevant so the first thing I did was to cancel my account.

Maybe it's just me but all this "Social Media" leaves me flat.

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