Why You May Not Want an iPad 3 with a Retina Display



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For the average user it doesn't seem like such a huge upgrade unless you still have the original iPad then you're going to make a pretty big jump...with that said, I'm sure there is going to be a fairly large number of iPad 2 users who will get the 3 for no other reason but to have it...I think the only way I would go from my 2 to the 3 would be if it was 4G but with everything else that could impact the battery life Apple probably won't compound that with a 4G radio...



Dang, I won't be able to afford another one right now. After blowing my saved up wad on a Macbook Pro, an iPhone, and an iPad 2, all top of the line models, I'm tapped out. Apple doesn't make inexpensive equipment.



no offense but the title and the context sounded stupid as they were read by Siri.

Did The iPhone4 price raise?

Did the iPhone 4 battery decrease?

How many apps did not update?

iPhone4S came in white on day 1. (i have one)



That's why they double the resolution. So that old iPad apps that don't support a Retina Display will look exactly like they do on the old non-retina display but new apps that do support retina displays will look way better.

If each pixel of an old app is represented by exactly four pixels on the new screen it will not be blurry; it will look exactly like it would on an iPad 2 or iPad 1.


Michael Simon

Right, but when compared to a Retina app, they look inferior. That's what I meant.



Well, would you rather have Retina apps to compare to, while still keeping the quality of the normal ones, or only normal ones?

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