WWDC 2012: What We Know About OS X Mountain Lion So Far (Updated)



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there were lots of surprising facts to know about ML. in the begining i got ot know Apple has dropped the brand Mac from the new OS. Now its simple OS X ML. User will get used to this very soon. Later, the features of ML are too stiking. I mean if you have seen the video of OS X ML on Apple.com then you must admit that it is the most advance OS so far. Updating facebook stsut from the desktop, twitter integration, notifications appearing beautifully rahther than in a irritating manner, icloud synchronising the data from os x and other Apple devices. Apple did the right thing from bringin the features of ipad, iphone to its OS. Bingo....



Apple support verified yesterday that one can upgrade directly from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion with NO intermediate stops at Lion in between... $19.99... From the Mac App Store in July... HOORAH !!!



I agree, I want to hear more about the server features....



I am a little surprised that nothing was said of Server. The developer preview has some interesting changes (and better controls) over the server side of Mountain Lion. I feel like we receive the iOS integration with Profile Manager and easy WebDAV, so I wonder if there is more to see.



WOW here we go again, don't get me wrong I love Mac but it was one of the main reasons why I switch from PC to Mac. I just got tired of updating my OS every other week or 6 months or yearly. I think Apple did a damn good job with Lion, So what if this new Mountain Lion has features just like the iPad, if I wanted an iPad I would have gotten one. All I'm saying is that Apple take your time, if your going to develop a new OS don't rush it. No one's going to beat you and Windows ain't going to get one over on ya. Jut slow down take your time and create something really worth creating not just a remake so that those that don't have can get.



finally got it installed! its great but not an overhaul like last year. that should make those people who are scared of change happy. hope there is more when WWDC gets hear.

i'd also bet on july like last year.

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