Final Cut Server Released, Fake Steve's Fake Day Off and Nokia Plans To Outmuscle Apple

Final Cut Server Released, Fake Steve's Fake Day Off and Nokia Plans To Outmuscle Apple


Editing houses rejoice: Apple has started shipping Final Cut Server, after announcing it a year ago.


Fake Steve Jobs’ open letter: Fake Steve Jobs gives fake Apple employees the day off to protest the Olympic torch relay in San Francisco tomorrow.


Nokia plans to outmuscle Apple: Nokia has revealed their touchscreen phone internally known as the Tube, which is visually similar to the iPhone. In a comparison to the iPhone, Nokia VP Tom Libretto claimed the Tube has the features, and Nokia has sheer market influence to “outmuscle Apple.” Stay tuned fight fans.


Not so rosy for Apple stock: It appears Apple cannot avoid the economic downturn investment firm Morgan Keegan has downgrade Apple from market perform to under perform.


Apple’s competition plays touchscreen catch-up: Analyst firm, MultiMedia Intelligence, predicts that 178 million touchscreen phones will be shipped by 2011, Apple ignited the demand, and its competitors are all introducing their own tourchscreen handsets in a game of catch-up.


Don't call it a comeback: According to, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump are Billionaire Comebacks.




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It is interesting that the new Final Cut Server has a price of $999 compared to Final Cut Studio's price of $1299. It may be that Apple may cut the Studio's price down to somewhere around what Logic Studio's is, which would be a godsend. Otherwise, I wonder what they would do about that Shake replacement that was due this year. I would really love if they made THAT part of a new Final Cut Studio package.

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