Find WiFi Hotspots for Your iPhone or MacBook with JiWire

Find WiFi Hotspots for Your iPhone or MacBook with JiWire

The iPhone's EDGE Internet connectivity is handy, but it's oh-so-slow. If you're doing serious Web research on your iPhone, you need to use Wi-Fi. The iPhone can sense the Wi-Fi networks in your area, but you may not find a network you can actually use.


JiWire has an online Hotspot Finder to help you find a Wi-Fi connection you can use. You can use the standard Hotspot Finder if you're using a Mac notebook. If you're using an iPhone, JiWire has a specially-formatted Hotspot Finder for iPhone at


Enter the city or zip code, and then the country and state. Uncheck the Search Free Hotspots Only box, and the results will include public Wi-Fi hotspots you can pay to use.


JiWire lists five hotspots at a time. Tap the arrow button on the upper right to see more hotspots.


Tap a location on the list, and you see more information, including a phone number, its location on Google Maps, and address. Click on the blue "i" icon, and you go to the location's page on the main JiWire site.


Unfortunately, there's no way in the iPhone interface to enter an address and set area proximity, which could be handy when you're walking the streets downtown. To do this, you need to use the standard Hotspot Finder on JiWire's site.


While JiWire boasts a database of nearly 160,000 hotspots in 136 countries, there's still a chance that they're missing a hotspot near you. You can add a Wi-Fi location using JiWire's Hotspot location form.




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