Finder Alternative

Finder Alternative

Path Finder has too many features to list here, but this screenshot shows the tabbed browsing, smart sorting of folders, invisible file viewing, the Favorites toolbar, and the drop stack in the upper-left corner.


I just switched over from PC to Mac, but the Finder doesn’t seem quite as full-featured as Windows Explorer was. I liked being able to hit the Return key to open a folder, and I liked how my folders always appeared at the top of any list. How can I emulate this on my Mac?


Take a look at Path Finder ($34.95,, a file browser that contains much of the functionality you had in Windows Explorer, including the two abilities you mentioned in your question.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Similar to Safari, Path Finder has tabbed browsing, plus a Favorites toolbar where you can drag your favorite Finder locations as hierarchical folders. Its Drop Stack feature lets you load items from multiple locations on your hard drive and then perform actions on them. And it lets you view all invisible files with one simple menu command.




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Just to put it out there, I have used Path Finder in the past through a couple major revisions. While a great product, I must warn, when I was mistakenly double charged for the product after an upgrade payment, all attempts at contacting customer service failed. They would not even acknowledge my inquiry. After a couple months, I simply gave up as it wasn't worth the effort any longer. I may have just been one who slipped through the cracks, but nevertheless, this was my experience with the company.



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