FinePix S 8000FD

FinePix S 8000FD

It may look big, but that’s to make room for a huge 18x zoom lens.


Tiny cameras will never be able to zoom as well as big DSLRs, but ultra-zooms find a happy medium between bulky DSLR lenses and pocket cameras. These all-in-one cameras’ optics easily reach further than pocket units because of their bigger size. But the picture is changing for pocket shooters, with lenses that both pull back wider and scope in closer than many DSLRs. Ultra-zooms are great for casual sports and nature photographers who don’t want to move up to interchangeable lenses.


The Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd blasts through a 35mm film lens-equivalent range of 27-486mm, fitting groups together indoors and letting you get your shot from a distance. The rubber grips are comfortable to hold, and there is a mechanical stabilizer that tilts the image sensor to compensate for light shaking.


We dropped in the batteries and looked through its features. The 8-megapixel camera has the manual focus, shutter speed, and aperture size we expect at this midrange cost, but it lacks a RAW mode, requiring JPEG compression for all pictures.


Unfortunately, many of our test photos showed undefined details. Especially in bright light, textures like pebbles and leaves jumbled together, while indoor images also lacked sharp definition. Outdoor colors often looked too blue in the shade, while flash-free indoor hues just seemed bland. Colors perked up with the flash, but the light often hit only the center, leaving the middle too bright and the edges too dark.


The S8000fd also felt slow, able to capture only five photos in ten seconds. It also takes about 3.5 seconds to power on and take an initial photo, but at least it snaps photos almost instantly with the shutter button, taking images when expected.


The bottom line. A great zoom range should make the S8000fd ideal for sports and nature photographers, but slow performance and disappointing details weaken the offer.


COMPANY: Fujifilm


PRICE: $400

Long-zoom range suited for both distance and indoors. Comfortable, compact body. Stabilizer compensates for hand movement. Includes manual exposure controls. Saves to SD in addition to xD. Single images captured almost instantly with button press.

Images lack sharp details. Auto-white-balance colors often tinted or bland. Slow performance leads to long waits between shots.




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