Fire Your Mac Up! 9 Essential Mac Upgrades (Plus More Power Tips)

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Fire Your Mac Up! 9 Essential Mac Upgrades (Plus More Power Tips)

INPUT DEVICES: Retire Your Old Keyboard and Mouse


The keyboard and mouse that shipped with your Mac were great when they were new, but replacing them after a year or more will put more spring in your clicks. A notebook can certainly accommodate an external keyboard, but most 'Books allow you to swap out the built-in keyboard too. The hardest part of such an upgrade may be finding the right part. Check or for a match at about $100.


For tower Macs, we've always liked the old-school touch of a mechanical keyboard. Something about the clicking keys and tactile feedback feels more "natural" than a cheap, rubber-membrane replacement. Few stellar Mac choices exist, but the Matias Tactile Pro 2.0 ($149.95, is a good option with Mac-specific keys.


Also consider a wireless mouse. If your Mac supports Bluetooth, you can connect that kind of mouse without any extra parts. Otherwise, any RF mouse will include a receiver. We suggest a two-button mouse with a scrollwheel to navigate through Leopard's legion of new features.


TO INSTALL If they're USB, just plug 'em in. If you're replacing a notebook keyboard, consult the manual to remove the original keyboard - this is usually an easy swap. To connect a Bluetooth device, consult System Preferences' Keyboard & Mouse pane and click the Bluetooth tab.


> WHO'S IT FOR? Anyone with the original keyboard and mouse
Matias Tactile Pro 2.0 keyboard ($149.95), Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser ($79), Kensington PilotMouse Laser Wireless ($39.99)
> SUPPORTED MACS: Towers, iMacs, iBooks, PowerBooks


A wireless keyboard/mouse combo eliminates some of the spaghetti on your desk.



Laser tracking on the PilotMouse Laser assures accurate pointing.






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