First Leopard and iMac Graphics Update Out

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First Leopard and iMac Graphics Update Out


Apple has released the first update for Leopard and Leopard server this morning. The not-so-long awaited update is recommended for all users running Leopard.


It includes, "general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac."


Not to be left out of the update whirlwind of the past two days, a graphics firmware update is available for new 20 and 24-inch aluminum iMacs.




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Uhm, if it did lock up your keyboard and screw up the computer, and there is now a patch ... don't you think the pre-patch version would still screw it up and you would be unable to patch?



I read in one of the articles on leopard that it caused a problem with mac book pros and their keyboards screwing up and freezing when you installed it. I have held off installing it since i have a mac book pro and don't want to deal with that. Does anyone know if the update fixes this problem or not.



I don't know about the update, but I have a MacBook Pro and installed Leopard immediately upon its release and have had no problems with the keyboard "screwing up and freezing".

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