First Look: 3 Ways to Cushion Your MacBook from Life's Hard Knocks

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First Look: 3 Ways to Cushion Your MacBook from Life's Hard Knocks

Case Logic 14"-15" Reversible Shuttle

We'll soon be getting in a version of the Case Logic Shuttle ($24.99) that's designed specifically for the 15-inch MacBook Pro - and if it's as easy to use and smartly designed as the generic model that fits 14- to 15-inch notebooks, we can't wait. Like the Built sleeve, the Case Logic Shuttle loads vertically. Unlike the Built sleeve, the Shuttle has no zipper. Instead, there's a lip that folds down over the top, kind of like a pillowcase. The benefit to this is that there's no zipper to jam, snag, or break. (And if you're a student or businessperson who attends a lot of meetings, this allows you to remove your notebook in total silence.)


As you can see from this image provided by Case Logic, the Reversible Shuttle for the 15-inch MacBook Pro fits snugly around the 'Book.


The only downside to the Shuttle's design might be if you put something in the sleeve that's loose, it could potentially fall out if the bag were turned upside-down. But why would you do that? You don't want anything in the sleeve besides your MacBook or MacBook Pro - especially given how scratch-prone the finishes are.


The Shuttle, available for both 13-inch MacBooks and 15-inch MacBook Pros, comes in a veritable rainbow of colors, and they're all reversible. And, as we mentioned, they'll soon be available specifically for 13-inch MacBooks and 15-inch MacBook Pros, so there will be a bit less air around the machine and a snugger - and snugglier - fit.


It is indeed reversible!






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