First Look: Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

First Look: Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

Apple's new AirPort Extreme is based on the snappy new 802.11n wireless protocol.


Lost in the iPhone and Apple TV excitement at last January's Mac Expo, Apple's AirPort Extreme ($179) was revealed, and it's now shipping. We got ours today. Here's a first look at the AirPort Extreme, complete with photos. We also include some preliminary test results on the last page of this article; we'll follow up with a complete review of the device in the May issue of Mac|Life, which will be released in late March.


Box Shots: Only in the age of the Internet can something as mundane-sounding as unboxing become an exciting event to record with photos. So, for all you folks who think that unwrapping a product is just as exciting as the product itself, we've recorded the unboxing of the AirPort Extreme.


The box measures 7.13 inches wide, 6.81 inches tall, and 2.56 inches deep. The box wasn't sealed closed, but since this is a loaner unit from Apple, the open box isn't a surprise - Apple probably tested the unit before sending it to us.


Box front.




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