First Look: Bento

First Look: Bento

To edit a record form, click on the hammer and wrench icon in the upper right of the center Records area. You can add fields from the Fields list by dragging and dropping. You can also adjust field sizes by dragging the box edge to the desired size. Click the image to see a larger picture.


You can also edit the form by using the buttons at the bottom of the Record area.


Bento has three views for looking at your forms. You can switch between views by clicking on one of the choices in the upper left of the center Records area.


The Table view. You can edit data while in this view. Click the image to see a larger picture.


The Overview view. You can add fields to this view by clicking and dragging fields from the Fields column. Click the image to see a larger picture.


The Details view. Shows the other data fields found in Address Book. Click the image to see a larger picture.


That’s the basics of Bento. We’ll have a full, in-depth review in a future issue of Mac|Life and on in January 2008.




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Can Bento do mail merge with Pages or MS Word?


Arnold Jensen

I have several DBs I developed in AppleWorks. Will Bento inport them without too much hassel?



Personal organizer vs bento, I'd really like to see the differences. from what I see, PO Looks more intuitive. But, that's ONLY from what I see here, and that's showing Bento doing a nice job of tying the address book and ical together. I'm going to buy one, or maybe both.



Is this just for individuals or will you be able to share info with others in your office?



Please compare Bento to iList Data by Lakewood Studios. Does Bento do SQL?


James Rutter

If you've got to ask if Bento does SQL, surely you have missed the point of the products. The majority of its target market won't know or care about SQL.



If i have to make a database of my MP4 Videos database, can it arrange tham too.

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