First Look: Inside Photoshop CS3

First Look: Inside Photoshop CS3

A Better Way to Be Selective


Isolating portions of an image is key to a multitude of different editing operations, especially for creative projects and detailed photo retouching and compositing. The art of making good selections is often honed over many years, and it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Luckily for Photoshop users of all experience levels, CS3 brings some new mojo to the task. The Quick Selection tool delivers an entirely new way to make selections, by simply painting over the general area you want to isolate.


As you paint over the desired area, the selection builds itself automatically, and of course, you can save the selection to its own alpha channel for further refinement. While some might find the Quick Selection tool useful, there’s no way to adjust the sensitivity, something we got into the habit
of doing with the Magic Wand.


The Refine Selections dialog is an extremely welcome addition that significantly streamlines the process of choking (contracting) and spreading (expanding) the outer edges of a selection, and controls the softness of the edges of a mask, all in an interactive fashion that matches manual techniques.


There’s a lot of control to be explored in the Refine Selections dialog. The best way to understand the dynamics of it is to experiment with making a selection around something and opening the Refine Edges dialog, which features a contextual preview à la Quick Mask mode, showing the selected area against white, black, the actual background, or the mask channel displayed by itself. Refine Edges is our pick for the most useful new tool for compositing professionals


Photoshop CS 3 interface

Refine Selections delivers seriously fine control for making precision masks.


BONUS TIP: Intolerent Tolerance

Changing the Magic Wand’s Tolerance setting has no effect on the Quick Selection tool. While it seems odd that we would try this, we did discover that this Tolerance setting does indeed control the sensitivity of the otherwise-unrelated Grow command (found in the Select menu).


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Good thing it isn't made by apple or you would already be taking these pictures down.



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I agree with both camp on the subject of breaking pages. May be a extra option to chose between long or short pages would please both sides..



The main reason that we run multi-page articles when the pages are image-heavy is to ease the page-load times for those poor folks who are not yet on broadband. We purposely use fairly large images to make sure that our articles are well-illustrated, but we don't want to strangle slow dial-up connections. Hey, if you're on broadband, what's a few extra insta-clicks between friends..?



If I am on a slow connection I would rather wait for 2-3 long page loads than 15 medium-long page loads. It is much less frustrating to wait 2 minutes 2-3 times than to wait 30 seconds, read, click, wait 30, read, click, wait 30, get my point.

just my opinion. great preview!



it's not about giving you the best reading/user experience. This is about ads paying the bills. It's not about quick loading times either. There's a business side to all this creativity as well. Revenue. You wankers, stop wining about the ads between the free review or go somewhere else where you can pay to get the same information without the advertisement interruptions. To all others - keep up the creative work in this hard business world ;-) Cheers. M.



Seriously? If you really cared about dial-up users as your excuse for short annoying pages, then would you really have all those ads.. those ads are probably 3 - 4 times as large as your article pages..



Hey, anonymous, get real. If there are no ads, there would be no web site -- and then where would you complain?

In any case, back to the main reason for these comments: The really good Photoshop story. Does anyone know when we'll be able to get our hands on the final version? What it'll cost? If we can just buy Photoshop without having to buy everything else?


S. Mahrer

Yes, you can buy Photoshop as an individual package! The upgrade from earlier versions is around $200. It's supposed to be available in April.


Jack B Nimble

Brekaing up an article over 15 pages was really annoying, especially since they were short pages. It would have been nice to have 2 or 3 pages.

Good review though. It will be nice to see what else CS3 has in store.


Jim Stone

David, your peek under the hood is well-timed and VERY appreciated! Test-driving the CS3 beta didn't really get me going, but now I am actually excited about upgrading. Can you do a follow-up on Illustrator, please?


Carl Hudson

Wow. Thank you for a well written article with a lot of coverage of what's new in Photoshop CS3. Adobe (& the old macromedia ppl) have been very busy making this a significant upgrade. I personally am looking forward to seeing how much of this translates into the new Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. C'mon Adobe, make your announcements! :)



Looks like you covered pretty much everything! Good job, not covered the stuff about photoshop extended though, go video!



re "C'mon Adobe, make your announcements!"
well they have, sorta. CS3 announcements were made on the 22nd March but it was in a whisper room at webDU. Sorry, can't share they made everyone in a jam packed room sign NDAs. Think the official announcements are due tomorrow.

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