Flame On iMac, iPhone App Developing and Power Your iPod with Your Clothes

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Flame On iMac, iPhone App Developing and Power Your iPod with Your Clothes


The Mac is on fire, we don't need no water: After being engulfed in flames, an iMac G5 was given up for dead. John over at ModYourMac.com, decided to give the little guy a second chance and was surprised to find it booting up and ready to rock. Shine on you crazy flaming diamond.


iPhone success difficult to pinpoint: Why does the iPhone have a 77% "very satisfied" rating? A panel at the Mobile World Congress in Spain agreed it had nothing to do with AT&T and everything to do with its design. They just can't agree on how to replicate it.


Podmaps, where you at?: Apple has filed an application with the patent department that would allow directions to be read to end users.


Developing for the iPhone: Developer Craig Hockenberry posted a, developing for iPhone, primer. He outlines the constrains of working in the mobile environment and warns not to expect to reuse too much on your existing OS X code.


Why Jerry Yang said no way: CEO, and Yahoo co-founder, Jerry Yang, sent a letter to shareholders explaining the companies rejection of the Microsoft offer. He reiterated that they believe the Microsoft offer was too low, and that Yahoo is in a key position to take advantage of a growth in global ad revenue.


By the Power of T-Shirts!: Scientists are working on nanotechnology within fabrics that would create electricity from the fabric wearers movement. While this technology could someday power your iPod, there is one drawback. You can't wash the clothing.


WWDC dates: According to the Moscone Center's schedule of events in January, there is an event scheduled June 8 through June 13 that is described as a Corporate Event, Moscone West, Convention/Tradeshow (This is a private event.) This is roughly the same time frame as the annual WWDC.



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