Flash for iPhone, iPhones in Austria and Aperture 2

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Flash for iPhone, iPhones in Austria and Aperture 2


Flash, Ahhhhhhh: The Gear Live guys are reporting that the iPhone will soon have Flash support. A reliable source told the site that Flash support will be on the iPhone and iPod touch very soon. Earlier notions that Flash would suck battery and CPU resources were fabrications according to the site.


Microsoft to Yahoo "Oh no you didn't": Microsoft's response to Yahoo's claim that the Microsoft offer undervalued the company, claims that shareholders with both companies would benefit greatly from the merger. Microsoft added, "As we have said previously, Microsoft reserves the right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!’s shareholders are provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal."


NBC blames iTunes for poor album sales: According to NBC, the rapid decline in album sales is in large part Apple's fault. NBC says that more and more people are turning to digital downloads and away from the CD sales. These people are purchasing more individual tracks instead of full length albums. Individual track sales have grown 500 percent in the last three years.


Aperture 2: Apple has released Aperture 2 with over 100 new features and a lower price of $199.


The hills are alive with the sound of iPhone: T-Mobile will begin selling the iPhone in Austria in the first half of the year. T-Mobile sells the iPhone in Germany.




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I think the reason we aren't getting it yet is because of Comwave's "iPhone" trademark over here.



There might be more news here than everyone is expecting: as far as I know, T-mobile does not have an EDGE-network in Austria... could this mean that we will see the 3G iPhone in stores before the summer?

I can't believe that T-Mobile Austria would (i) either offer the iPhone through standard GPRS or (ii) invest heavily in their network to upgrade to EDGE when we all know through AT&T that a 3G iPhone will be on the market still this year...



Austria has the iPhone now? what happened to Canada... seriously lame.



"NBC says that more and more people are turning to digital downloads and away from the CD sales. "

In other news, grass is green and milk is white.

The shocking part of this is that after years of forcing people to buy an entire CD in order to get one song the music companies are actually surprised that when given the option sometimes people will buy just the one song.

Amazing! LOL



Got to love NBC and the Witless Wonders in the music business They paid lawyers tens of millions to bring down Napster, all the while Apple was plotting the arrival of iTunes, as if technology would give music execs a pass...just because. I guess the late afternoon snort of coke left the boys a touch vulnerable...

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